Friday, February 23rd 2018

Rachel Bly | Iowa House District 76

Why am I Running?

Nearly 20 years ago, as a young adult, I made a choice. I was an eager, politically active college graduate chasing a public policymaker’s dream in our nation’s capital. But I had other dreams too – of a family and a special place in which to marry and raise a child. I wanted a place with a strong economy, a commitment to civil rights, a vibrant arts community,and the best education system. I did not have to look far … I thought about who I am and what I stand for and I came home … to Iowa.

Today, I see many Iowans struggling to realize their dreams. Cities and towns are struggling to provide basic services. I am a candidate for House District 76 because it is time for Iowans to focus on what really matters – jobs, an educated work force, our children, and basic rights and services for all people. I am running because I know we can work together to find the common ground.

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